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05 September 2014 @ 08:09 pm

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11 January 2008 @ 06:13 pm
Just finsihed watching Grey`s, holy crap, it was amazingg.

some thoughts:

Merder ;; It was sad to see them fight and kinda end things. But it was good to fainally hear them say what they felt! they haven`t done that properly in a while. If there`s some fairness left shonda will please everyone and fix this. They have to fix this. I still have faith. It was a really sad scene but it was amazingly acted by dempeo.

Tucker ; so glad he didn`t die, it was so heartbreaking to watch bailey and her husband suffer. The whole thing with the healer was amazing. and it was a lifehouse song in the background, made it even more perfect.

Alex/Izzie ; loved their Scenes. there`s something there..

Meredith ;; cooking awsome!

DerMar looking at the veiw ;; ahhhh. soo good, it was a wonderful scene. Derek has dreams and that is nice, and he wants Meredith to be a part of it, but she is who she is and it`s complicated. as I said, I still have faith in them.

Now there will be a hell of a long break! thanks to strike, I do support it, but it sucks. oh well.

that`s all!

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19 October 2007 @ 11:18 pm
Grey`s Anatomy 4.04 ; "Heart of the matter"

Okay where should I start? hmm..

Merder ;; wow. Amazing. I love them, and this whole we are not a couple thing is so cuute. Very good Idea Shonda. The first scene with them in the elevator. so cute, and sexy. Loved it. <3 The more serious and emotinoal scene with them near the end omg. that was brilliant. Derek was saying all this wonderful things, sigh. that was love. I don`t know what else to say really. It was Magic.

let`s move on too

Christina ;; She is spesical. She thinks she is the best resident in the world, well atleast at seattle grace. I loved that Derek took control and told her to get a grip and act differently. Don`t know if it worked but it certinaly showed who`s the real boss of those two. Christina doesn`t show her interns any respect I think she refuses to answer them with their real names and all that. I`m seriously waiting for that girl to break down soon. I don`t know if it will happen tho.


Callie/Izzie/Alex ;; Poor callie. It was painful to watch her. I feel so bad for her. :( The whole thing in the cafeteria was I can`t find the words. but It must have felt terrible for her. I think Izzie "won" that one. But she lost the next round. Callie is the real victim her and she is the one that get`s all the crap. Izzie want`s sympathy but that`s not easy to give her cus she is acting so selfish and she want`s everyone to feel sorry for her. It was good that Alex said those things he said to her and that he came into her room and asked her too keep the crying down.

I loved the cheif too. It was the right do to. poor Cammie, Her wishes needed to be respected. I do see Adele`s point but I think she was a bit selfish here. I don`t she understood cammy and her wishes. but I might be wrong here, just guessing.

Thank youu shonda! thank you for giving us grey`s back.

may this magic contuine.

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14 May 2007 @ 11:40 pm
[x]It`s time to update again. it`s been a while. The last time I did it I was all happy cus we fainally got some good news about studio 60. New episodes from 24th May yayness. it`s getting closer. <3
The very very sad part is that NBC decided to cancel the show. But I was prepared so the shock wasn`t that big. It`s a shame that not more people saw how wonderful this show is. NBC has no patient left.. and they have isuess. they suck. On a happier note the show started here tonight and I`m just finished watching the pilot. it was so awsome to see the episode again. pure clas. quality televison.<33 I will get this show on DVD that`s for sure.

[x] I`m fainally finished with my big paper. so goood to get that out of the way. I was so fed up. It has been fun tho, and I have learned a lot about writing and stuff so that`s good. I only have 2 more things to finish and then it`s over finished. no more studies. feels strange and good at the same time. I might to back and study more later, but I want to work a few years first. I haven`t decided anything yet. time will show.

[x] We have to say good bye to Gilmore Girls this week. I hope the final episode will be good and that things will be wrapped up nicely. The most important thing is that Luke and Loreai will get back together and I think they will so that`s good. The show will be missed that`s for sure. But I will get all the seasons on dvd.

that`s all.


ps: I seriously need new Mattheney pictures. so come on people. please??
27 April 2007 @ 10:25 am
[x]This is the best day everr. I come online on fc and I got a PM for Doris, telling me that Studio 60 is comming back 24th May!!. I`m soo extremly happy. we have waited for this for so long and fainally. WOOOOOOOOOOO. I have to make some studio 60 stuff for my next gallery update so celebrate!! right. I`ll stop now.

[x] I have a new header, made by Clairey, it`s so amazing I love it. Thank you again. Mattheney is LOVE.

one last thing:

Happy Birthday Clairey, hope you will have the best day everrr. Love youu. <33
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23 April 2007 @ 10:37 pm
It`s time for a little update again. :)

[x] I just watched the final episodes of season 6, still wonderful. The proposal is sooo beautiful and romantic.<33 I don`t cry when I watch it I just get all giddy inside.It`s a good feeling. Can`t wait to start with season 7.<3

[x]All the people who reads my journal and talk to me on a regular basies knows that I really want some new Mattheney pictures, it`s been a year. it`s to long. I know I rant a bit to much about this but I can`t help it. I know that I`m not the only one who wants new pictures of those two. so that makes it eaiser for me to rant about this.xP If I was a courvid fan I would have lots of great pictures to love but, that`s not the case. Everytime I see a Courvid picture, I`m yeah whatever.. nothing!! It`s not the case when I see a Mattheney picture. I guess you all think that I`m weird or something, but that`s okay. Please give us new Mattheney pictures SOOOON.

so to end this little rant I`m gonna post a loovely picture:


[x] that`s all for now!

15 April 2007 @ 10:48 pm
[x] Just a qucik little update. I was on a little shopping trip yesterday. I walked to my fav cd/dvd store.. It`s dangerous I always end up buying something.. I shouldn`t but I couldn`t resist. yes you guess it I bought Grey`s Anatomy season 2. I just watched the first two episodes "Raindrops keeps failing on my head" and "enough is enough". Great episodes not Merder wise but still very good. and I can`t stop thinking about one issue: why didn`t Derek tell Meredith about this wife and her affair with his bestfriend Mark? why did he keep that to himself? Maybe he was afriad of loosing her if he told her? I just can`t stop thinking about cus It hurts me to watch them now.. I know things are good now and all that but I would like to know what my fellow Grey lovers thinks about this. weird huh? considering where Merder are these days. <3 bear with me okay? I wanna know this.. hehe. xP

[x] I really look forward to next weeks episode, the promo was very promising.

that`s all for now.

11 April 2007 @ 06:28 pm
[x] First of all I`m so greatful for my new layout. I want to thank Doris for her help, so THANK YOU. I loove it. :D

[x] I have to talk about studio 60 and NBC. NBC is serisoulsy in trouble this days.. they haven`t done this bad since 1991,ratings wise. they swtich the schedule around and they are making a mess. But inspite all of this they have given Friday night lights, Heroes, and 30 Rock a second season. that`s 3 out of 4 new shows. Still no word about studio 60. it`s nothing.. just stupid rumors. which I don`t belive. cus it`s not comming from NBC. I just wish they would realise that they can`t let this brilliant show die. it`s to good. and the Cast is amazing, esp Matthew Perry. He has been so brilliant and I can`t get over how impressed I am. he has blown me away. so just for him I wish this show would have been a hit when it started. But it hasn`t been that hit NBC thought and hoped it would be. But still it has done it much better than a show that just got a second season 30 Rock. it has finished second in it`s hour every single week. only behind that crime Machine CSI Maimai. My only hope now is that Studio 60 has won the E! online poll. cus that should be a strong signal to NBC. It`s a bad time for quality tv this days it`s all about those mind blowingly stupid reality shows. which we don`t need at all. silly silly. We need shows like Studio 60 that gives us something back, something to think about. One of the conflicts on the show has been the "fight" between quality tv and reality tv. Jordan (Amada Peet) fights against this reality show ghost. I wish there were more tv network bosess like her out there. One problem is that the show is rather expensive to make.. that doesn`t make things better either. But if the show got the right promotion and a new time slot it would maybe help. It`s also so wrong to turn down a show after only one season. it`s to soon and it`s not fair to the people who works with show either. I mean they need atleast 2 seasons to prove that they desvers to stay on the air. A show like Studio 60 needs time. it`s not done in one, two, tree. but if more people would give it a chance they will fall in love with it. I still hope NBC will give the show the time that they need but I`ve yet to see the proof of that happening. I still hope some good news will come soon. atleast that they will tell us when the show comes back so we can see the last 6 episodes. that`s the most important thing. We need a mircale to get that second season. But who knows? NBC doesn`t say anything so we don`t know what they are thinking. let us know soon please? thank you.

On a happier note, I sendt an e-mail to ask about studio 60`s premiere here and they said that the show most likely will start 24th May, that`s great. so I`m looking forward to that.

so to sum up: Save Studio 60 save the world!! heehe.

that`s all for now, I just had to get that out.

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25 March 2007 @ 11:53 pm
It`s time to update my journal again. I should do it more often I know.. I`m just lazy and I have to much else to do.

[X]first I want to say a few words about Grey`s Anatomy, that show is so amazing and it`s knocks my socks off every single week. Ellen pompeo is amazing and she deservs an Emmy this year. Keeping my fingers crossed for that.

This weeks episode was so good, and Merder is just looove and the chemestriy between Ellen and Patrick is soo good. <33 It`s a shame that it is long break now.. oh well I`ll survive. I`m also just finised with watching Season 1 now. Awsome. I want to run out and buy season 2 tomorrow but I should wait cus I shouldn`t use money on that kind of stuff now.. sadly. :[ I will get it soon tho.

[X] a few words about studio 60, I miss that show so insanley much.. There are no words. I do belive the show is comming back and I really hope that I`m right about that. E! online has started this save our show campain and I`m voting everyday. hope that will help. but it`s up to the NBC dudes to show that they have some guts left to go for some good old quality televison. I really hope we will get some news soon.

[X] one last thing I just saw this pic, I know it`s old, but OMG. so yummy. it`s a Mattheney picture of course. so Enjoy:

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10 February 2007 @ 04:12 pm
This has been a boring week.. Fc is down *cries* hopefuly it will be up and running soon. *prays*

I`ve been sick the last few days.. which sucks. I hate it.. but the good thing is that I can watch daytime tv and not feel bad about it. I do feel better now so that`s good.

I really look forward to next week.. GA season finale. I`ve heard it`s good. Can`t wait to see some Merder sweetness.. <33 I have to download season 3 cus, that will not be on tv here before August/september.. :O madness. I can`t wait for that.

Tonight I`m gonna watch a Jennifer Aniston Movie. Shocking? maybe.. but I think it`s a good one. "Friends with money" the fact is that her type of movies is a bit more in my street.. than Courteney`s movies. I wish it was teh other way around. oh well.

I had a very gooood dream last night.. it`s been a while so.. I will not share any details here now. If you want to know then you have to ask. all I say is that it inlcueds Matthew and Courteney. :] it was yummmynessss... <3333



PS: Lets hope that Fc will be up soon.