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11 January 2008 @ 06:13 pm
Lay your hands on me  
Just finsihed watching Grey`s, holy crap, it was amazingg.

some thoughts:

Merder ;; It was sad to see them fight and kinda end things. But it was good to fainally hear them say what they felt! they haven`t done that properly in a while. If there`s some fairness left shonda will please everyone and fix this. They have to fix this. I still have faith. It was a really sad scene but it was amazingly acted by dempeo.

Tucker ; so glad he didn`t die, it was so heartbreaking to watch bailey and her husband suffer. The whole thing with the healer was amazing. and it was a lifehouse song in the background, made it even more perfect.

Alex/Izzie ; loved their Scenes. there`s something there..

Meredith ;; cooking awsome!

DerMar looking at the veiw ;; ahhhh. soo good, it was a wonderful scene. Derek has dreams and that is nice, and he wants Meredith to be a part of it, but she is who she is and it`s complicated. as I said, I still have faith in them.

Now there will be a hell of a long break! thanks to strike, I do support it, but it sucks. oh well.

that`s all!

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kitti: merderfragilepicture on January 12th, 2008 03:06 pm (UTC)
hey sugar!
shonda so has to fix merder up ;) this is now the fourth season she ended with the future of merder being left in the open.
the fight well i am so confused about it and i think i have the rewatch the episode again but at the moment i am disappointed in the fight. i expected it to be so much more. of course ellen and patrick acted amazing but it was i don't know missing the heat. as i said i am confused.
tucker. omg that was really heartbreaking. first off all you don't let such an adorable kid die and second baailey is the heart of sgh. she just can't break down. it is so sad to see them break up. miranda is always trying to do her best in every part of her live but now it is so messed up.
alex/izzie are finally picked up they great interaction back from season one/two. yay.
meredith cooking. yeah sounds so much like me. hihi.

Ragga: Mondler 3fair_chance on January 12th, 2008 03:38 pm (UTC)
I see what you mean when it comes to the fight. I had actually expected more too. It felt like they had given up before the fight started or something. They left it before it was done, but atleast they said some things to eachother which was good. I still have faith in them. I read a article earlier today, there`s might a little light in the end of the striking tunnel.. the directors is starting to sort out a new deal and that might help the writers or something. *crossing fingers*

I loved the alex/izzie thing, I want their season 2 thing back! and I also want to know more about Alex!