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15 April 2007 @ 10:48 pm
Grey`s Anatomy.  
[x] Just a qucik little update. I was on a little shopping trip yesterday. I walked to my fav cd/dvd store.. It`s dangerous I always end up buying something.. I shouldn`t but I couldn`t resist. yes you guess it I bought Grey`s Anatomy season 2. I just watched the first two episodes "Raindrops keeps failing on my head" and "enough is enough". Great episodes not Merder wise but still very good. and I can`t stop thinking about one issue: why didn`t Derek tell Meredith about this wife and her affair with his bestfriend Mark? why did he keep that to himself? Maybe he was afriad of loosing her if he told her? I just can`t stop thinking about cus It hurts me to watch them now.. I know things are good now and all that but I would like to know what my fellow Grey lovers thinks about this. weird huh? considering where Merder are these days. <3 bear with me okay? I wanna know this.. hehe. xP

[x] I really look forward to next weeks episode, the promo was very promising.

that`s all for now.

♥doris marie a.k.a dredpooh♥dredpooh on April 16th, 2007 06:13 am (UTC)
OMG. Yay, I knew you'll be tempted to buy the box set, hee.
I am so giddily happy to know really, :) and you know I'm having some internet probs and your blog really caught my attention and well I could stay for some more minutes to reply, hee. Interesting really. ♥

So,my thoughts about that is I just knew Derek did not intend to keep that to Meredith that long and if you remember Addison's been calling him kinda non-stop that day and MerDer has some plans on talking about their rules thing,and I assume to officially set the record straight that they are indeed in a realtionship and not just you know.. hehe. we need that wiggy smiley here too.

So,we didn't know whether Derek would try to start talking about it to Meredith and well, maybe Derek would wanna make sure what really is it that he is feeling towards Mer, is she really worth it to really turn back from Addison,does he love her enough to really walk out in his 11 year marriage something like that coz its only been two months. They are just done to get away the attending-intern issue in their work environment so there really is no ample time to sort things out in the much bigger issue which is HIM being married. And we also have to consider that Derek had a hard time to convince Meredith to go out with him because he was an attending and her boss' boss how much more if she'll learn those thingss, so I guess Derek instantly liked her and it scared him to gamble such so he is buying some more time to tell those things to Meredith, he is playing safe that Meredith will be SO INTO HIM already and well emotionally invested so that when the time he tell Mer, she'll be willing to fight for Derek only before that Addison walked in at SGH all glammy and leggy, Hee.

and yeah, I babble a lot. TTY real soon.:)
Ragga: Merder1fair_chance on April 16th, 2007 07:41 am (UTC)
thank you for your thoughts honey. It``s a bit clearer for me now. It was a hard situation for both of them. and we are all happy that things are good now. let`s hope it will stay that way. :) *coughI`mjustignoringthatspoileryoupostedcough*

I hope your internett concetion gets fixed soon.