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14 May 2007 @ 11:40 pm
Just a little rambling. :)  
[x]It`s time to update again. it`s been a while. The last time I did it I was all happy cus we fainally got some good news about studio 60. New episodes from 24th May yayness. it`s getting closer. <3
The very very sad part is that NBC decided to cancel the show. But I was prepared so the shock wasn`t that big. It`s a shame that not more people saw how wonderful this show is. NBC has no patient left.. and they have isuess. they suck. On a happier note the show started here tonight and I`m just finished watching the pilot. it was so awsome to see the episode again. pure clas. quality televison.<33 I will get this show on DVD that`s for sure.

[x] I`m fainally finished with my big paper. so goood to get that out of the way. I was so fed up. It has been fun tho, and I have learned a lot about writing and stuff so that`s good. I only have 2 more things to finish and then it`s over finished. no more studies. feels strange and good at the same time. I might to back and study more later, but I want to work a few years first. I haven`t decided anything yet. time will show.

[x] We have to say good bye to Gilmore Girls this week. I hope the final episode will be good and that things will be wrapped up nicely. The most important thing is that Luke and Loreai will get back together and I think they will so that`s good. The show will be missed that`s for sure. But I will get all the seasons on dvd.

that`s all.


ps: I seriously need new Mattheney pictures. so come on people. please??