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19 October 2007 @ 11:18 pm
Grey`s anatomy is love <333  
Grey`s Anatomy 4.04 ; "Heart of the matter"

Okay where should I start? hmm..

Merder ;; wow. Amazing. I love them, and this whole we are not a couple thing is so cuute. Very good Idea Shonda. The first scene with them in the elevator. so cute, and sexy. Loved it. <3 The more serious and emotinoal scene with them near the end omg. that was brilliant. Derek was saying all this wonderful things, sigh. that was love. I don`t know what else to say really. It was Magic.

let`s move on too

Christina ;; She is spesical. She thinks she is the best resident in the world, well atleast at seattle grace. I loved that Derek took control and told her to get a grip and act differently. Don`t know if it worked but it certinaly showed who`s the real boss of those two. Christina doesn`t show her interns any respect I think she refuses to answer them with their real names and all that. I`m seriously waiting for that girl to break down soon. I don`t know if it will happen tho.


Callie/Izzie/Alex ;; Poor callie. It was painful to watch her. I feel so bad for her. :( The whole thing in the cafeteria was I can`t find the words. but It must have felt terrible for her. I think Izzie "won" that one. But she lost the next round. Callie is the real victim her and she is the one that get`s all the crap. Izzie want`s sympathy but that`s not easy to give her cus she is acting so selfish and she want`s everyone to feel sorry for her. It was good that Alex said those things he said to her and that he came into her room and asked her too keep the crying down.

I loved the cheif too. It was the right do to. poor Cammie, Her wishes needed to be respected. I do see Adele`s point but I think she was a bit selfish here. I don`t she understood cammy and her wishes. but I might be wrong here, just guessing.

Thank youu shonda! thank you for giving us grey`s back.

may this magic contuine.

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kitti: grey's 1fragilepicture on October 20th, 2007 05:21 am (UTC)
wasn't it love?

omg. merder. the cute cute elavator scenes, how did i miss those. derek is so hopelessly in love with meredith, it gets me all jealous here. i know they are only fictional charachters but still he was dreamy. <3
and then at the end he said all those beautiful things to her, we the word 'marry' slipped from his lips - i was squeeing all over again. a normal woman would totally jump him after saying this stuff but not meredith and i kinda love her for that.

poor poor callie. i think i might end up liking her throughout all off this gizzzie nonsense.
what you said about izzie is so so true. i really like the interaction between alex & izzie. you know i have a soft spot for them.

the last weeks i truly like cristina but this weeks epi, not that much. the way she trated lexie was unexceptable, nobody treated her that low when she was an intern. good thing derek was there to save the day!